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Martes, 2 Abril, 2024 - 11:32
Museo de Chiclana hosts the exhibition 'Artistic repair tattoo' by Mariló Fernández
This sample, which will be open to the public until April 21, welcomes works applied to breast cancer and other aesthetic problems
The municipal delegate of Culture, Susana Rivas, the director of the Museum of Chiclana, Jesús Romero, and the author of the works, Mariló Fernández, along with Patricia Iglesias, have inaugurated the exhibition 'Artistic tattoo repair, applied to breast cancer and other aesthetic problems'. This exhibition, which will be open to the public until April 21, features the work of Mariló Fernández, with the collaboration of Patricia Iglesias.
Thus, two years ago the Museum of Chiclana hosted the exhibition 'Tattoo', an exhibition that approached the general public tattooing as a form of artistic expression and that delighted lovers of tattooing and drawing. As a result, Patricia Iglesias (Peggy Sue Tattoo), one of the tattoo artists present at that exhibition, raised the possibility of carrying out an exhibition on tattoo repair and spoke of Mariló Fernández, whom she considers her teacher, and put the Museum staff in contact with her. 
"We are talking about a tattoo not only artistic, but also with a purpose that is the repair of sequelae for health issues or accidents," said Susana Rivas, who has invited the public to visit this exhibition, "which is very attractive, because everyone can have knowledge of professional work in the field of tattooing".
For his part, Mariló Fernández thanked the reception to the project by the Museum of Chiclana. "We want to move this project to all parts of the national geography, to show how the repair tattoo can give a positive change of vision to an area of the body," said the tattoo artist, who has indicated that "we started with women who had suffered from breast cancer, but we also cover other diseases, sequelae of operations, burns, stretch marks, etc. ..." "Encourage fellow professionals to also work in this area," he said.
Mariló Fernández, a tattoo artist with 30 years of experience as such, is a pioneer in the application of artistic tattooing to breast cancer as well as to other aesthetic problems also linked to health. Her art has alleviated the after-effects that the disease or accidents have left in many people. To this type of tattoos he gave the name of Artistic Tattoo Repair, a type of tattooing that today includes Cover Up and tattoo repairs as well. This exhibition offers enough samples of all this with more than 20 interventions (also by Patricia Iglesias) whose processes are shown through photographs that collect different steps of the same, which will help the most profane to get an idea, even a cursory one, about it. 
Mariló Fernández started this project in 2013 through the UNTAP (National Union of Professional Tattooists and Ringers), an entity of which she is the coordinator of activities, which aim to make visible the Artistic Tattoo Repair and the tools that tattooists have to address various aesthetic problems, such as coverage of scars and sequelae from surgery, burns, stretch marks, anatomical deformities, etc. ....
This temporary exhibition will be accompanied by a conference under the same title, Mariló Fernández will give in the auditorium of the Museum of Chiclana tomorrow at 18:30 hours. This presentation will take place in the thread of the IV edition 'Jerez Tattoo Convention' to be held in Jerez during the days of 15, 16 and 17 March.


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